We fuel growth that stands the test of time

We collaborate closely with Founders to build the intrinsic value of their company by building a scalable organization and providing dependable long-term capital. By helping with capital structuring, strategic partnerships, developing founders' leadership abilities, and attracting and retaining top-talent, Jungle helps entrepreneurs scale up and drive growth.

We have seen that the startups that quickly become profitable are the most successful in the region. We work with our Founders to respect capital and try to build steady growth with healthy liquidity in the balance sheet. By helping with cash management, developing founders' leadership abilities, helping to attract top-talent, as well as providing the necessary capital to scale up their business, Jungle helps entrepreneurs scale up and become profitable.

We pride ourselves on being collaborators, supporters, champions, advisors & mentors to our founders. We ourselves are ex-Founders so we understand the pressures Founders are under & the uncertainty they face. We also feel their excitement & are inspired by their drive. For us every investment is an investment in passionate people ready to build lasting businesses.

We have grown to become one of Southeast Asia's largest independent venture capital firms


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How we Build to Last

We believe Founders make the best CEOs

We look for future leaders capable of building sustainable businesses. So whilst we need to see sound unit economics, a large addressable market size & a clear path to profitability, the commitment of our time & capital is truly in the founder themselves. We value individuals with the ability & willingness to learn fast & adapt faster, to absorb information & quickly action decisive change.

We focus our investments

We take a consolidated portfolio approach, limiting the number of businesses we invest in. This allows us to spend more time with every founder & invest more capital in each company. We want to see businesses go global & our focused strategy ensures we are fully engaged in this journey.

We commit to the businesses we believe in

We work with our founders to provide continued necessary capital across multiple rounds. We help in developing founders' leadership abilities and in building their learning agility so they are better equipped to deal with unforeseen challenges. In addition, help them to attract top-talent, organisation and culture development and access to a wide Jungle community and network.

We don’t have a type

We are deliberate in our determination to maintaining a gender-balanced team boasting of independent thinkers from a diverse range of cultural & professional backgrounds. As a result, as our Founders look to cross borders & solve problems, they are stimulated & supported by a cognitively diverse Jungle team that combines on the ground experience with unconventional thinking.

We roll up our sleeves

The Jungle team brings experienced Operating Partners with decades of deep sectoral experience in emerging Asian markets. They work side by side with our founders to improve 10X on key areas of engagement like high impact business development, operational transformation and leadership development.

We welcome co-investment

Many of our LPs & their affiliates take the opportunity to co-invest meaning that now more than 65% of our portfolio benefit from greater access to strategic capital. In return it allows our LPs to access high-quality investment opportunities fast, maximising their returns by deploying capital in more mature businesses.