David Gowdey

Managing Partner

When I was 25 I packed two suitcases and moved to Australia. It was a huge risk and a defining moment in my life. We moved up to Singapore 11 years ago and that has been another defining chapter. I think Asia is and will continue to be the most exciting region and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.

If you were to start a company, what values would you build it on?

In addition to common values, like Ethics, Trust, & Diversity, I would also want Perseverance, since most companies are running a marathon not a sprint.

Something really insightful that you learnt from one of your founders?

It’s not just about hiring great talent, but the ability to effectively manage great talent is equally important.

Android or iPhone? What app are you using the most?

iPhone. I live on Whatsapp and its probably almost on par with email, in terms of communication.

About David

David Gowdey joined Jungle in mid-2015 after 3.5 years at TPG Growth, based in Singapore, where he helped build an internet practice within the firm by focusing on internet/digital investments between US$20 and $80 million across the globe. David continues to be a senior advisor to TPG Asia and represents them as a member of the board of directors of PropertyGuru, the largest online real estate portal in SE Asia.

Prior to TPG, David was at Yahoo! Inc for 12 years where he was the Head of International M&A on the Corporate Development team, based initially in Sydney and then in Singapore. In this role, David led all transactions for Yahoo! outside of the U.S., including acquisitions, investments, joint ventures, strategic partnerships and new market development. David represented Yahoo! as a non-executive director on the board of seven companies across the Middle East, India and Australia/NZ.