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HealthXCapital joins Jungle Ventures

August 17, 2023
Jungle Insights

We are excited to announce that HealthXCapital has joined Jungle Ventures to lead our healthcare investments in India and Southeast Asia. 

HealthXCapital (HXC) has been in the making for 8 years, a tremendous feat linking capital, clinical validation and commercialisation via strategic investors from healthcare as LPs and collaborators. 

Over the past 3 years, HXC has engaged with more than 1200 founders across diverse healthcare segments including Home Care, Ambulatory Care, Insurtech, Data Sciences and Brain Health, and invested in 10 of the industry’s most promising ideas and teams. The portfolio features names like RED.Health, Homage, Medfin, and THB, all of which have demonstrated incredible growth and resilience amid challenging market conditions. With the strategic network and support provided by HXC, many of these companies have expanded across geographies and diversified their offerings.

As the healthcare sector continues its digital transformation, we are witnessing advancements in areas like Advanced Diagnostics, Personalized Medicine, Big Data, and AI, with far-reaching implications for society. This is an unprecedented opportunity for both founders and investors to partner with innovators ready to shape the future of healthcare for the 2 billion people in India and Southeast Asia.

This region, home to nearly 30% of the global population, holds immense untapped potential. Today, healthcare expenditure here constitutes a mere 4% of the GDP, underlining the current underserved state of the market. Yet, as digital healthcare solutions penetrate deeper and new business models emerge, we find ourselves uniquely positioned to address this gap and nurture the growth of pioneering startups to become category leaders.

As part of this move, Jungle welcomes Seemant Jauhari as Partner, Healthcare, who will lead all healthcare sector-focused investments across India and Southeast Asia. Seemant brings with him 22 years of experience in Healthcare Investments, Innovation, Business Consulting, and Strategy. Having been at the helm of HXC since its inception, Seemant has effectively established a smart connected capital platform for healthcare startups in the region. His prior experience as CEO - Innovations & Research at Apollo Hospitals, one of the largest healthcare groups in Asia, demonstrates his adeptness in scouting, evaluating, and commercialising innovations across diverse domains. 

We remain dedicated to partnering with founders and teams who are focused on building companies that will create a healthier and more prosperous society with cutting-edge healthcare solutions accessible to all.

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